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Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 26 Feb at 05:17 AM

We added Wio’s very first 7” (1996) to the album section. I still get goosebumps from the weeping song Victory. It’s very rough around the edges and no-fi but still mesmerizing and beautiful. Wio’s second 7” (a split with notorious rockers on codeine,Mote) bears what are probably my all-time favorite Wio songs. Make me stay is a cathy sing-along anthem and Colors is typical upbeat Wio. In fact I love ‘em all except Bananas whose lyrics are a bit goofy (and that’s an understatement). Actually, Wio is still being mocked to this day for writing the sentence “I peel the banana, cause I want to eat it.


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for those interested, there are still physical (= semi-transparent clear vinyl) copies available of the WIO / MOTE dble 7”...

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