The mystery of Jos Teugels

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 07 Mar at 05:44 AM

Investigator journalist Karel Vissers just sent us an PGP encrypted e-mail with further evidence of the fraudulent activities in the Belgian music scene. With patented surveillance techniques, Karel Vissers grabbed compromising shots of one Dave Driesmans, not an unknown to the Belgian anti-fraud police.

In the shots we see Driesmans counting the bloodmoney he received from gokchinees Hoe Long. In his e-mail Karel Vissers suggests that Dave Driesmans is a huge money laundering machine, used by major banks and organized crime all over the world. It is thought that Driesmans’ operates his illegal activities under the moniker “Jos Teugels”.

The plot thickens! Stay tuned as studiomuscle digs deep in Belgian’s corrupted rock scene. Goodnight and Goodluck!


# levi Mar 7, 2006 at 09.17 am

Belgian Special Forces and Anti-Fraud Police were actually present at last saturday’s annual kraak-festival, to finally catch “Dirty Dave” Driesmans red-handedly at his illegal activities. Luckily for Mr. Driesmans there was the appearance and performance of Borbetomagus, which left the crime-busting forces at a psychological and physical imbalance, allowing yet another cunning escape by “the Dave”.

# interpol Mar 7, 2006 at 06.57 pm

Aha. This explains a lot. Thank you studio muscle to shame and identify the greedy bastards in the Belgian post-postrock scene. But there’s one mystery left… The most common code name in the transcripts of our undercover wiretap operations is “Mr. Ananassap”. Is this Mister Ananassap part of the same organized gang?

# hendrik Mar 8, 2006 at 02.13 am

Dear colleagues at Interpol, it is true, tedious analysis of transcripts reveals the name “Mr. Ananassap” is indeed a key figure in the money laundering operations bearing the codename “Kraaknet”. Who is Mr. Ananassap? Is it another alter-ego of Driesmans? Is Mr. Ananassap to Driesmans what Darth Sidious is to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine? Who knows but urine samples of Driesmans seem to support the notion that Driesmans and Ananassap are two personae within one person.

To conclude, yes Driesmans is the Darth Sidious of Belgian post-rock!

# Ben Mar 8, 2006 at 06.44 am

Hendrik wrote: “Is Mr. Ananassap to Driesmans what Darth Sidious is to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine?”
Nerd points! Off the scale!

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