the four wise men and the crazy virgin from the East

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 11 Jan at 12:31 PM


We started the new year in the best catholic tradition. We visited our best friends in the Brugse Puurte area of Ghent and we exchanged a harmonious serenade for a beer (or wine, orval, champagne, Westmalle, delicous bio-bier or bulgarian liquor). Getting drunk on the cheap because of the decline of our purchasing power! Highlights of the evening were the encounters with the Albanian mobsters, a Caribbean bar serving champagne and many beers, the delicious mousaka of Evil Fons and the bitter taste of a Bulgarian liquor. Absolute lowlight was the pink puke (a ratatouille of beer, mousaka, wine, orval, champagne, Westmalle, carrots, bio-bier or bulgarian liquor).

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Perfect guest Bramus recorded a performance and Evy aka virgin Mary (doubtful!) travelled along the journey and took too many photos


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Iw2z92 I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! smile

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