Reconstructing London 1948

Posted by by Bertrand Lafontaine on 24 Jul at 04:01 PM

As it is also cucumber time in portablesland, we might as well make some publicity for friends who are not getting drunk around the clock at the Gentse Fieste or enjoying the odor of baby droppings in the middle of the night.

Tom is one of them. His “London 1948”-project attempts to (re)construct the biographies of every single athlete who participated at the Olympic Games sixty years ago. So if your wrestling grandma won bronze in the Greco-Roman heavyweight class, join him at

Being de portables and thus having the worst sportgenes imaginable, we won’t be able to help him. True, we were masters at ‘Caveman Ugh-lympics’ back in 1988. But the only non-virtual sport in which we all excelled was ‘beer tray frisbee’. Unfortunately, after one game we had to reconstruct one of the windows of our legendary Zon i Bos-studio.


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