Portables Tip of the day

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 12 Feb at 04:01 AM

While driving his truck with 40 tons worth of cow intestine, longtime portables fan Ryan Engle was listening to the new portables pre-release mp3 album (available only to portables’ lonely fan club members!) he got so agitated by the 14 minute drone intro that he started fiddling with his mp3 player to get to the next track. Fiddling with the bad design of the Apple iPod, Ryan got so distracted he spilled 40 tons of cow intestines on the highway.

Portables Tip of the Day TM: Do not drive trucks with 40 tons of cow intestine while listening to the opening track of the new portables record!*
Bonus Tip: This rule also applies for transporting cadavers, manure and High Definition Plasma screens!


# oscar Feb 12, 2007 at 07.27 am

how can i subscribe to this lonely losers club?<br>
i need to transport 975.000 ping pong ballekes in a broken down truck through the city centre and i’d like some nice music to listen to while i watch the mayhem that i will cause

# hendrik Feb 12, 2007 at 09.25 am

We’ll add a subscription form very very soon :-

# Tom Feb 13, 2007 at 04.53 am

Maybe that will cause a nice remake of the Sony Bravia commercial ;-


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