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Graviteen Dream

By our reporter, ANTWERP – “Sometimes a man has to stand up for what he believes in”. It are the words of Dieter Sermeus, singer and leader of indiepop sensation The Go Find.

Disguisted with the “easy and gratuitous” criticism on behalf of the Belgian christiandemocratic and liberal negotiators trying to form a new federal government, Sermous wanted to bring his former band Orange Black back together under a new name: “Orange Blue”. “Out of respect for these hardworking politicians and their parties.”

Unfortunately, Dieter Sermeus’ former bandmembers weren’t too hot for the idea. Or how keyboard player Nico Jacobs puts it: “That guy is nuts and should seriously consider getting his head checked”.

Stood up by his former compatriots, Sermeus started searching new musicians. Which he not coincidently found in the same orange-blue circles he wants to support with this “project”.

Dieter Sermeus (centre) and his new band Orange Blue

This week Orange Blue released its first single “Graviteen Dream”, which appears to be a trance remix and mashup of three songs from the last Orange Black album “Morning Notes”.

“It’s true,” Sermeus admits, “Musical talent, songwriter qualities, being able to play an instrument: it’s all kind of an issue right now. But we’re working on that. We’re planning to release some fresh material, even before the inauguration of our orange-blue government.”

Listen to Orange Blue’s debut-single “Graviteen Dream”:

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# Dieter Oct 22, 2007 at 01.15 am

we are very sorry to tell you that we had to kick Yves out of the band > he is always singing the wrong songs.

# caroline Oct 22, 2007 at 07.54 am

Maar Dieter! niet echt een strategische zet. Omringd door al die knappe koppen val je helemaal uit de toon… De muziek is er anders wel stukken op vooruit gegaan!
(voor alle duidelijkheid: als Annelies haar studentjes het begrip ironie niet vatten kan dit misschien als hulpinstrument dienen)

Kus c

# [uzine] May 14, 2010 at 03.45 pm

Still think it’s the best OB ever did …

# laidbacklukas Sep 3, 2010 at 04.40 pm

I guess from 2:20 is another great version used. Keep up the good work!

# uzine Feb 10, 2016 at 10.49 am

Graag een RSD 2016 7” op 320g blauw vinyl


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