Nolbeddities: songs that claim to be from the past

Posted by by Ed Nolbed on 13 Apr at 01:33 AM
Nolbeddities: songs that claim to be from the past

In the mid-nineties, when shoegaze was pretty much ridiculed, and long before GarageBand and Ableton Live, a four-track machine was the ultimate tool of the homerecording idiot. Made with a cheapo sampler, a drum machine, an analogue synth, guitars and a voice. These fossils are now presented to you.

There’s more where that came from…



# benjamin Apr 13, 2010 at 11.10 am

too good! merci jurge

# Bekie Apr 14, 2010 at 10.44 am

Dank u Jurgen. Wijs, zeker da met the birds and the bees, Ween alla de Blonde.

Respect en haal maar meer van uwen ouden boel van de zolder.*



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