new album “John Terra” out soon

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 02 Nov at 10:55 AM

VVR015 Front - de portables - John Terra380
We’re very proud to announce the arrival of our new CD and (a portables first!) LP entitled “John Terra”. It bears 8 songs. Opener “John Terra” is a fierce hardcore hitchtrumental. “It’s better to Turnhout that to Fade away” is a warm and cozy campfire singalong song. “The Honorable Man” is a strange mix of Can and Milk Inc.

You can grab your album for free at the de portables album release party, including a live show from de portables and salvador for only 10 € (een zot batje) in Kortrijk on 10th of November.

You can order a CD or LP now (13 € + shipping) by mail (albums go out on 16th of November)

Or you can get the CD/LP in your favorite record store (including itunes and amazon but also your local vinyl farmer)  from the 16th of November onwards. Read more for back sleeve and liner notes :-)

VVR015 Back - de portables - John Terra380

All songs written, recorded and produced by de portables except “John Terra” recorded by Frank Zaman.

Artwork by Carmen “Carman” Norman & de portables.

Cover photo by Anton Coene.

de portables are Burt Lala, Heinz Grubeh, George Deblowi, Yngwie D’Hedeb and Hennie Daver.

Visit website and facebook

Thank you: John Terra. Vlas Vegas Records, Vlasmarkt 5, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium. mail.


# Bramus! Nov 3, 2009 at 03.23 am

Een zot batje indeed; Tottons!

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