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Peter Jefferies Last Great Chalenge in a dull world Cover
Dieter from the Go Find asked our help. The Go Find was invited to contribute a track to a New Zealand music compilation and Dieter queried us for our favorite New Zealand songs. Not a simple task!

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Peter Jefferies and Robbie Muir – The Fate of the Human Carbine

Beautiful song and probably the nr.1 influence on the lofi Leffe drinking bastard Wio from de portables

Long post but keep on reading!

In 1991 I was at a record fair in De Balsenboom in Bruges browsing for Pixies bootleg albums when I’ve met the dude called Klakke, who advised me wisely to spend my money on obscure Kiwi records instead. It came as no surprise that the only record stand holding any of these records was his own. Burning a hole in my pocket I spent all the money on an obscure compilation, filled with raw, organic NZ noisepop. In hindsight we can only guess how bleak the word would have been without that encounter. It’s probable that without Klakke, there would have been no Toothpick Records, no Kraak3 and thus no portables, Köhn nor Wio records. And at the core of our ethics and passion was this strange affiliation with the Kiwi way of handing music. No budget, honesty first and no compromises.

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Trash – Telecom South – Classic song, still rings fresh after 20 years!

Through Klakke we got introduced to hundreds of bands we never heard of, all of them ferocious, heartfelt and kick-ass. In this pre-myspace world you had to read fanzines and badly printed catalogues and with high hopes you sent your money in a brown envelope to Ajax Records in Chicago or a distibutor in Deventer. Four weeks later a package full of extremely cool records arrived at your doorstep. Some bands later got famous (Slint, Will Oldham, Pavement, Smog…), others remain obscure but are nevertheless still a fascinating listen. Most of them came from New Zealand.

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Dead C – Crazy I know – Melodic noise from the Dead C, probaby as influential on today’s music as The Velvet Underground

This time-consuming way of collecting music still exists for sure, but it gets infected with digital information overload. Everything gets published and every listener becomes a hyper-individual record label, compiling and selecting his own finds on myspace and soulseek. We’re hunters/collectors again and we waste too much time listening through the garbage. Listening through 99 vomit puking rubbish songs before you discover a true gem, like the brilliant garagekraut ensemble of Anal Dust,  is not an economic way of spending your time.

So which song should The Go Find cover. I don’t know. I can’t choose. Maybe Some Tame Gazelle from Norma O’Malley (originally appeared on Killing Capitalism with Kindness on the Belgian Turbulence record label)

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Norma O’Malley – Some Tame Gazelle

Or wait maybe Dieter could go and download some of these albums to start with and make his own choice. You won’t regret it Dieter!

Listen More:

You can find a much more complete collection (not all download links are working) on the kiwitapes blog

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# Koen Jan 10, 2008 at 10.26 am

Goeie morgen,
Mijn VCA-attest heb ik goed ontvangen.  Maar ik heb nog een andere vraag.  Boven in jullie demo ruimte (kantoorinrichtingen) hebben jullie een ergonomisch statief om je portable op te zetten.  Het is zeer handig om mee te nemen, omdat het opplooit en niet dikker is dan een cursusblok.  Ik weet toen wij de demo kregen, dat ik heb gekeken wie de leverancier was, maar heb toen niets gevonden.
Kan jij eens navragen bij de collega’s van welk merk die portable ‘statief is’.

Alvast bedankt voor de moeite
Inspirerende groeten,<br>
Koen Buyse

# Dieter Jan 11, 2008 at 04.35 am

thank you very much for this info!!!<br>
I’ll let you know which one we’ll do. Maybe we can do a duet with wio?<br>


# klakke Jan 12, 2008 at 02.24 am

- Dead C: angel (blijft wachten op de ultieme 30 minutes rework, haha… popmelody meets noise)<br>
- Die hele fucking Peter jefferies cd (één van de weinige perfecte platen van begin tot einde: heb het over diene blauwen)<br>
- alastair galbraith: ivybomb of zoiets (of waarom niet iets van The rip: Galbraiths indiepunkband)<br>
- Garbage & Flowers: Carousel. obskuurtje: maar denk goeie voor go find vocalen<br>
- Plagal Grind: pre-this kind of punishment<br>

- Chills: misschien voor de hand liggend voor jullie maar dan nog.
probeer misschien de kompilatie cds van obskure lathe cut singlekes op de kop te tikken(op Insample,Drunkenfish, opprobium).  Staat veel noisie op maar hier en daar ook iets die zeker te herwerken valt toteen poppy geheel.  Ik denk aan Armpit, witcyst, Crude maar ook jongere genratie zoals Anthony Milton.
blozend weer af


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