good morning, again!

Posted by by Ed Nolbed on 30 May at 09:10 AM

Aaaaaarrrghhh (Krusty-style)…

Another grey morning. Soft rain falls from the sky and a bunch of pigeons is having a meeting on the roof across the street. I live on the 4th floor of a nice appartment in the centre of Ghent. I have a nice view of the skyline, i.e.: the towers of Ghent and surrounding buildings. Sometimes this view gives us very nice sunsets.

My head feels like I’ve been drinking, but actually I haven’t, so what’s the deal? Nothing. It just feels like that. My head just isn’t that happy with this new day, I have the impression. I am, however, going to try to stimulate it with another cup of coffee. Let’s see how it responds to that.

Good thing there’s Coltrane to ease the soul! I’m not a jazz freak, but lately I’ve been listening to quite a bit of jazz, I guess it’s just my mood. It’s very pleasant to hear those free minds improvise and interact. It’s music of the soul for the soul. It’s almost a straight communication line from the universal soul, the omnipresence having its say through the open minds of jazz musicians. The music is made up on the spot, it’s a manner of immediate communication, it’s like raving and ranting. It’s speaking your soul without thinking, without judging the contents of the message. The jazz musician becomes a medium.

It’s ‘Stellar Regions’ by John Coltrane I’m listening to right now. It’s supposed to be the last session he recorded, soon after this he died. Off course, that knowledge makes it even a little more fascinating to listen to. But, apart from that, it IS a killer record. Free Jazz!

Some people claim that you can’t listen to jazz, especially certain jazz records (and perhaps free jazz in particular), until a certain age. Quite possible so, maybe, but why do they claim such a thing? Maybe because one can’t understand certain emotional aspects until a certain age? Maybe because one isn’t supposed to be able to follow all the harmonic changes and variations and rythmic modulations until after a certain amount of years of listening experience?

There’s several ways of listening to music. One manner which I enjoy more and more is the one of just letting it all come over me. Just let it all happen. No questions, no analyses. You always pick up stuff anyway, if not consciously then definitely subconsciouly. And what goes in must come out, one way or another. And also, when not trying to follow the music rationally (or emotionally), I find you discover the energy of the music. And that’s the soul-level. And that’s soothing. Just letting it all happen without trying to have control by rationalizing. Somehow also deconditioning myself.

My second cup of coffee is empty. My mind’s still blurry and grumpy but it’s also enjoying Coltrane. I’m slowly waking to a new day. Slowly crawling out of the night’s slumber. I’m having the space between my ears vacuum-cleaned by a very, very angry saxophone solo (check out n°5 on the cd "Offering")…


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evista concerns…

evista concerns…


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