Birthdaysong for John Darnielle

Posted by by Wio on 28 Jan at 08:22 AM


De portables en Gofind have a long history of rich musical friendship. Hendrik’s legendary Toothpick Records (later bought by wio to become part of the Studio Muscle Emperium) released Dieter’s first songs back in (i think) 1995. Dieter’s band was called Napkin vs. Soda (Soda being Dieter’s nick, Napkin is Kris of the famous Zoo Records), and the first songs appeared on a split cassette with… yes, our own wio :-) . That must have been the start of what became a decade of symphonic symbiosis between Bruges’ and Kontich’s best kept secrets: de portables and Dieter Sermeus…


Dieter has played several Studio Muscle radio sessions (expect some audio of this in a later post!) and Studio Muscle Souper live gigs, sometimes solo, sometimes with one of his bands, Orange Black, Europa, Napkin vs. Soda or Gofind. We have been invited to direct videoclips for Orange Black and only recently Gofind. Orange Black honoured us by asking us to do a remix of one of their songs (which sort of became a mashed up trance medley cover song). And this Sunday whe finally share the stage again in Bruges.

But anyway, this——- COMMENT: by Dieter on one of our posts suddenly reminded me of yet another collaborative piece of music. It is something that Dieter and i wrote to play at a Mountain Goats gig in Kontich’s Lintfabriek where we opened (was it 1997?). It happened to be John Darnielle’s birthday that day so we surprised him with a little birthdaysong. We later recorded a new version of it (using old tracker software). That version ended up on a Studio Muscle compilation cd-r, and well, now it’s here :-)

download mp3

Picture of John Darnielle taken from leigh m aucoin’s Flickr-stream
Gofind picture by Croki (the Napkin part of Napkin vs. Soda)


# Dieter Jan 31, 2008 at 08.21 am

I remember singing this in Wio’s ‘kot’ in Gent.<br>
those days were crazy and cool!!!<br>

# klakke Feb 1, 2008 at 08.57 am

you remember this? hahaha

# Bertrand Lafontaine Feb 2, 2008 at 06.53 am

Onlangs The Mountains Goats gehoord in de serie “Weeds”. John Darnielle op WijfTV: wie had dat ooit gedacht? (zelf kijk ik op DVD, voor alle duidelijkheid ;-  )

# Penny May 15, 2018 at 06.17 am

Thanks a lot for everything


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