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We begin 2009 traditionally with the Great Greatest Hits of 2008 brought to you by Studiomuscle.

It’s the records we spun the most at studiomuscle headquarters, a place where magic sometimes happens.

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2008 has been the year of big personal changes for all portables. Buying houses, refurbishing them, raising children and for some portables more and well still more and more children is a daunting task. This resulted in a rescheduling of our agendas. We decided to focus our attention on one portables’ task at the time. We slowed down the shows, the movies, the new website and the blog and focused on the new record (oh and also some heavy drinking). This miraculously worked (especially the drinking)!

The new record is almost finished and it’s sharp and fresh.

Any resolutions for 2009? Well we’ll probably be still busy with the kids, chess and the things grown-ups do. Did I just say grown-up? The new website is nearly finished. The record is scheduled for this year (tentative title: “Steve Jobs rules the recording industry. Now what?”). So 2009 will be cool and sweet. Let’s hope that’s true for most people.

Read more for nerdy track listing of our “the best of 2008 podcast


  • 00:00 Tarasta Hai Yeh Dil – Akhtar, Nahid (album: Film Hits)
  • 00:34 Leh Jani – Omar Souleyman (album: Highway To Hassake – Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria)
  • 01:24 Mama Loo & Ata Una Cinta Alrededor Del Viejo Roble – Sergio Del Rio Y Su Conjunto (album: Latinamericarpet: Exploring The World Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1)
  • 02:09 Super Station – Nishinihon (We Are Here Split 7” (Acid Mothers Temple & Nishinihon 7”))
  • 03:00 Cler Achel – Tinariwen (album: Aman Iman: Water Is Life)
  • 04:03 Teen Creeps – No Age (album: nouns)
  • 04:19 Setting Fire to Your House – Blank Dogs (Setting Fire to Your House 7”)
  • 05:35 The Most Radio - Unknown Artist – Sublime Frequencies (album: Radio Sumatra – The Indonesian Fm Experience)
  • 06:01 Blend – Sandy Bull (album: Fantasias For Guitar And Banjo)
  • 11:39 Luikertelevat Lahoavat- Circle (album: Forest) mashup with The Wizard Blew His Horn by Hawkwind (album: Warrior on the Edge of Time)
  • 14:10 The Trip – Movie Promo Spot
  • 14:50 Ambassel – Getatchew Mekurya (album: Éthiopiques 14: Negus Of Ethiopian Sax)
  • 15:00 Eye-Shaking King – Amon Düül II (album: Yeti)
  • 15:45 Peace Patterns – Zomes (album: Zomes)
  • 16:16 Flaming Home - Mount Eerie (album: Lost Wisdom)
  • 17:37 Si Tu Dois Partir – Fairport Convention (album: Unhalfbricking)
  • 19:50 The Liar Inbetween - Daniel Padden (album: Pause for the Jet)
  • 21:24 Tim et Henri - ÉL-G (album: Tout ploie)
  • 22:22 Nadan Al Kazaw – Group Inerane (abum: Guitars From Agadez Music Of Niger)
  • 22:54 Yegelle – Mr. Yusseply (album: Broken Flowers soundtrack)
  • 23:33 eden’s cove – Eden Ahbez (abum: Eden’s Island)
  • 26:06 Amadou and Mariam / Mon Amour, Ma Cherie – Putumayo (album: Mali to Memphis)
  • 27:55 the 8-ball cafe – Michael Hurley (album: Long Journey)
  • 28:13 The Old Man’s Ass – The Roots of Madness (album: The Girl in the Chair)
  • 28:22 Drone Trailer – MV & EE With The Golden Road (album: Drone Trailer)
  • 29:13 Smell Of Incense – West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (album: vol. 2)
  • 30:32 Anadoluda Sevdim – Erkin Koray (7”)
  • 32:11 Blood – Wooden Wand (album: James and the quiet)
  • 35:34 Drug Song – Dave Bixby (album: Ode To Quetzalcoatl)
  • 38:52 The bay of white purifying be – de portables (album: Steve Jobs rules the recording industry. Now what?)
  • 42:15 Domesmoker – Sleep (album: dopesmoker)
  • 45:58 jam - jelle #2 (unreleased)

And that’s it. Our best for 2008. Only the incredible Ignatz is missing due to a small glitch in our software. But we all know Ignatz is brilliant. Other stuff missing is:  Lonnie Johnson, Muddy Waters, Tomorrow, the Move, Blind Willie Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Dr Strangely Strange,  Sandy Denny, The Byrds’ “Fifth Dimension” and “Younger than yesterday” and of course Bob Dylan, The Incredible String band, Odetta and Nick Drake. Alice Coltrane, Goliath Bird Eater, Kemialliset Ystavat, Valerio Cosi, Om, Selda, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Alkerdeel,Magik Markers, Trad Grass och stenar,  Witchcraft, polvo and Jack Rose should be in it as well. Yes, yes 2008 has been a fab year. Thanks!


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