Beauty & the Marathon

Posted by by Bertrand Lafontaine on 21 Sep at 03:34 AM

Last year one of our songs, “Beauty & the Beat”, was used in a tv documentary on a bunch of people getting prepared for the New York City Marathon.

We were honored, of course. But also a bit surprised, because the director chose exactly the part where one of us is whispering some dirty words. And that on prime time national television!

Either it was a coincidence and he hadn’t noticed the phrase (for the non-Dutch speaking readers: translation on request). Or either he was telling us something about the running woman he didn’t want to say out loud.

The fact he edited the whispering part on images of the woman eating a banana, makes me think it’s the latter. But that could be me, of course.


# Sciere Sep 23, 2007 at 05.12 am

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