Kraak festival Countdown

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 28 Feb at 04:32 PM
Kraak festival Countdown

We are pretty psyched for this saturday’s Kraak festival in the Manchester of Belgium, Aalst.

Especially for the occasion we prepared a special festival act “de Moonbull worshippers of the sunsnake altar”. “de worshippers” make tetrahedron renditions of classic de portables songs, adding mystic flames of heavy psych energy and unconscious Atlantean hieroglyph lyrics. Sadly we had to cancel because Wio‘s house refurbishing program is slightly off schedule.

Luckily,  other cosmic powers will play the Festival. Amongst them, my favorite band from the nineties: Bugskull and the saz-psych of Voice of the seven Thunders So, no excuses, this saturday thou shall move your mythical arse to Aalst!


Wio classics

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 26 Feb at 05:17 AM

We added Wio’s very first 7” (1996) to the album section. I still get goosebumps from the weeping song Victory. It’s very rough around the edges and no-fi but still mesmerizing and beautiful. Wio’s second 7” (a split with notorious rockers on codeine,Mote) bears what are probably my all-time favorite Wio songs. Make me stay is a cathy sing-along anthem and Colors is typical upbeat Wio. In fact I love ‘em all except Bananas whose lyrics are a bit goofy (and that’s an understatement). Actually, Wio is still being mocked to this day for writing the sentence “I peel the banana, cause I want to eat it.


Keywords Love

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 25 Feb at 08:54 AM
Keywords Love

I confess, I am a search keyword voyeur. I just love to see how people find our lovely website through keywords. Search keywords are a sample of what’s going on in society.

From people trying to buy weed or fitted sheets to people trying to fulfill their secret desires for hindoe lilliputters and bearded musclemen (hey, you came to the right address) ! We welcome also all fans of De Kreuners and people searching for illegal de portables downloads (WE WILL PROSECUTE! ).

The biggest LOL I had with the realisation that one undergrad student is going to have really bad grade for his french paper when he thought we provided the right translation for the french word for shit.


Wio namesakes

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 25 Feb at 06:05 AM

Did you know that Wio shares his name with another great influential musical artist. They not only share their name! Like Wio (the real, huggable one), Jad Wio shares the same taste in fetisch leather pants, provocative live action and Rocky Erickson, the most influential artist of our times!

So make sure when you go to the Virgin Megastore to not buy Jad Wio, as this is not the lonesome lo-fi troubador we all love. Just download Wio‘s albums  here, instead of buying for that lofi garbage junk grin.


Haut Gay single online!

Posted by by Wio on 24 Feb at 03:00 AM
Haut Gay single online!

We just added the Haut Gay promo-only CD-single for your downloading pleasure! It includes an early acoustic hard-not-to-sing-along-to version of “What would Ghenghis do?”. (A later more droney version of the same song can be heard on this acoustic Duyster session recorded in November 2007)