New! de portables USB sticks

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 04 Aug at 03:16 PM

Available in 6 colours from de portables webshop: de portables USB stick. Each stick has a capacity of 512MB and can store the complete de portables discography in high quality variable bitrates as downloaded from soulseek. These can be yours for only 99.99 Euro! Preloaded with the every song de portables ever wrote (including classics "Here I stand" and "Hawai" and the previously unavailable "Ik hen Exeem") the sticks are only 119,99 Euro. For a limited time only we add the complete Styrofoam discography for free. Yes you heard that right! Order now via our SSL secure webshop


de portables – womanize don’t terrorize

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 04 Aug at 12:00 PM

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artist: de portables
song: womanize don’t terrorize

Bedroom demo version of Womanize don’t terrorize. Later version was used  in the brilliant o-man versus k-man rollercoaster action movie 


de portables – Diep Rivier

Posted by by Bertrand Lafontaine on 04 Aug at 05:28 AM

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‘Diep Rivier’ is a poem by the South-African writer Eugene Marais. We made a song out of it for the Marais tribute festival Geen floue trek of tam, sans gene: Marais, organised in Bruges by het Venijnig Gebroed.

Our original plan was to do a playback-version of the song. But we chickened out and decided to play the song live (although we had never rehearsed it). Quite contradictionary, as most artists will be less nervous when they can fake a performance. I guess we’re not very confident fakers :-)

Anyway, everything turned out well. We played another classic by Marais: ‘Staan, poppie, staan’, with Wio on vocals. The crowd, which was a little more high-brow than the average rockfan, liked it. And the host of the evening, who announced every artist in ‘Afrikaans’, praised our ‘unusual interpretations’. Another job well done!


at home with de portables…

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 03 Aug at 09:58 AM

Download movie (right click and save target as)

This is part of a 4 part cheezy soap extravaganza featuring the mighty de portables.
It’s one of those typical studiomuscle things: we worked on it for days and then only showed it once during a a gig in the Ancienne Belgique.

It follow the daily routines of de 4 portables. Although the video quality is quite crappy you can still see the carrot hanging outside jurgen’s trousers emoticon


europa – sex machine

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 03 Aug at 06:13 AM

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This is recorded during the very first Studiomuscle souper in January 1999 in Bruges belgium. Europa was a short-lived collaboration between Dieter Sermeus (the go find, orange black) and aldo struyf (millionaire).

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