Trendy Van Driver

Posted by by Wio on 18 Dec at 09:01 AM

Carmen in Flair

The trendwatchers of Belgiums best known girlie mag Flair featured our van driver Carmen (Carman we call her) in an article on scarf fashion (top, second from the left). We wonder why she didn’t make it to the “pants trends” issue…



Posted by by Ed Nolbed on 03 Nov at 12:21 PM

It’s not funny, it’s not putting things in perspective, it’s not trying to be smart (i think), it’s not what you expected perhaps, but here’s a video preview of a track of the upcoming Köhn LP “we need more space in the cosmos” out soon on (K-RAA-K) ³.

Köhn will perform live @ Vooruit on the 13th of november and on the 14th in Utrecht as part of the Pauze festival. And in an exclusive duo with Eric Craven in Vooruit on the 4th of December! Be there or be out there!


No pictures please

Posted by by Wio on 23 Sep at 01:45 AM


We have no pictures of our concert in Bergen-Op-Zoom featuring Wouter Toman on guitar and Frank und Olivier on beiaardglochenspiel. Fortunately our driver Carman was there, above is her impression of what it was like..


More youtube poetry

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 10 Sep at 03:10 AM

When we were watching the video anoniem posted yesterday, our eye got attracted to the related videos section on youtube. At the top spot we found the poetic masterpiece “Knesselare in Mallorca”, the voyage of young adventurers searching ancient artefacts on the island of Mallorca. Since Jurgen hails from Mallorca we couldn’t resist posting this video. It’s a miracle Jurgen got out of Knessalare without all too deep wounds.


Subtitulatio Praecox

Posted by by A. Noniem on 09 Sep at 12:25 PM

As mocked by Belgium’s best columnist Koen Meulenaere.

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