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A declining social life is the one thing that affected some portables the most by having children. Instead of dealing with it in a mature way by settling down, cocooning and going to baby parties, we decided to change the rules and created an application that makes it darn simple to find a babysitter amongst your friends and neighbors. It’s called Hupskadee! and was created in three weeks of coding frenzy, coca cola deliriums and insomnia together with our good friends and creative code wizards Elise and Patrick. We had a tight deadline because we wanted to submit the application for the inca-awards. Tight deadlines is what works best for de portables :-) .

So! You need a babysitter (in Flanders), then go an make a hupskadee and finally start drinking again! Yihaa!

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Ze hield niet van Clouseau

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 17 Apr at 04:31 AM

Yihaa! We had a really rocking week. For the first time this year we escaped from our grand lofty rehearsal space, where we are finishing the recordings for the new album, to play the Domino festival at the AB with the crazy hippies of Babils. It was a good show, quirky but focused. Kmeron put some great photos on his flickr. Tim ‘wannabees’ Broddin made a true backstage photo report. And daMusic wrote a rave review. Next stop: Werchter Classic.

On a unrelated note, Jasper Kinkystar gave StuBru airplay to the fabulous belfry interpretation of Jan Hammer’s (brother of MC) seminal masterpiece Crocket’ theme. Adaptively titled Clockett’ s Theme we include this little portables rehearsal recording here on popular demand. By popular demand we mean that one myspace mail we got from a fella called Rik, whose first ever record he bought was this Miami Vice tune. Say thank you Rik. “Thank you de portables”.

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Converse “de portables” Collection

Posted by by Bertrand Lafontaine on 13 Mar at 05:28 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be floating gently into space on the 7th of February 2009 AD (or 0 AO as you prefer) since Köhn will be playing live @ Café “Den Hoek” in Assenede.

Café “Den Hoek” will slowly transform into a portal to Jupiter on that evening, especially if you will be there.
All this will happen while expecting the new Köhn LP to come out in a couple of weeks!

Greetings and welcome in the New Age introducing the End Of Times.


the four wise men and the crazy virgin from the East

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We started the new year in the best catholic tradition. We visited our best friends in the Brugse Puurte area of Ghent and we exchanged a harmonious serenade for a beer (or wine, orval, champagne, Westmalle, delicous bio-bier or bulgarian liquor). Getting drunk on the cheap because of the decline of our purchasing power! Highlights of the evening were the encounters with the Albanian mobsters, a Caribbean bar serving champagne and many beers, the delicious mousaka of Evil Fons and the bitter taste of a Bulgarian liquor. Absolute lowlight was the pink puke (a ratatouille of beer, mousaka, wine, orval, champagne, Westmalle, carrots, bio-bier or bulgarian liquor).

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Perfect guest Bramus recorded a performance and Evy aka virgin Mary (doubtful!) travelled along the journey and took too many photos


Best of 2008

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 02 Jan at 07:07 PM

We begin 2009 traditionally with the Great Greatest Hits of 2008 brought to you by Studiomuscle.

It’s the records we spun the most at studiomuscle headquarters, a place where magic sometimes happens.

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2008 has been the year of big personal changes for all portables. Buying houses, refurbishing them, raising children and for some portables more and well still more and more children is a daunting task. This resulted in a rescheduling of our agendas. We decided to focus our attention on one portables’ task at the time. We slowed down the shows, the movies, the new website and the blog and focused on the new record (oh and also some heavy drinking). This miraculously worked (especially the drinking)!

The new record is almost finished and it’s sharp and fresh.

Any resolutions for 2009? Well we’ll probably be still busy with the kids, chess and the things grown-ups do. Did I just say grown-up? The new website is nearly finished. The record is scheduled for this year (tentative title: “Steve Jobs rules the recording industry. Now what?”). So 2009 will be cool and sweet. Let’s hope that’s true for most people.

Read more for nerdy track listing of our “the best of 2008 podcast | Read more