new album “John Terra” out soon

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 02 Nov at 10:55 AM

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We’re very proud to announce the arrival of our new CD and (a portables first!) LP entitled “John Terra”. It bears 8 songs. Opener “John Terra” is a fierce hardcore hitchtrumental. “It’s better to Turnhout that to Fade away” is a warm and cozy campfire singalong song. “The Honorable Man” is a strange mix of Can and Milk Inc.

You can grab your album for free at the de portables album release party, including a live show from de portables and salvador for only 10 € (een zot batje) in Kortrijk on 10th of November.

You can order a CD or LP now (13 € + shipping) by mail (albums go out on 16th of November)

Or you can get the CD/LP in your favorite record store (including itunes and amazon but also your local vinyl farmer)  from the 16th of November onwards. Read more for back sleeve and liner notes :-)
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Exclusive: new recording of Thom Yorke / Flea Super Band

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 06 Oct at 02:44 PM


When the news broke last week that Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame and Chili Pepper Flea were about to start a new super group, our hearts started to pulsate at a never-before-seen speed. And this wonderful news just got better!

A music industry insider (who we cannot name by name) sent us a direct message via the microblogging site Twitter with a link to a recording (!) of this amazing new collaboration by these two Gods of modern music. So here it is, a studiomuscle exclusive, the new brilliant epic, tentatively titled Creepinification.

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summer mixtape

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 16 Jul at 04:05 AM

Before we kick off to the Gentse Feesten and the eternal post-gentse feesten blues we thought to show some love. We compiled a little summer mixtape for ya all, containing our current favourites at the studiomuscle headquarters (a large room waiting for a paintjob). Feel free to burn it on a cassette player and play in your car stereo. Looove…

For the setlist…


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Is it a hit? Is it a plane? No! It’s a present for Birdland Lafontaine!

Posted by by Ed Nolbed on 23 Jun at 12:10 AM


“Gij Geile Rotsac” is the latest creation of ‘de portables’ and was inspired by Bertrand & Willeke’s latest creation “Castor” (aka Beaver). You can listen to it here. It was recorded in “Nolby Surround 5.hiss” for an ultimate Lo-fi experience.


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Our new summerhit!

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 10 Jun at 11:33 AM


It’s summertime. Time for bbq’s, gentse feesten, Ricard, camping and black holes. Summertime might also be quite an appropriate time to release a true summer single ! Free Ultimate Quality download

download mp3

Camper is culled from our forthcoming album John Terra to be released somewhere in October on the mighty label from Kortrijk h8000 Vlas Vegas

Enjoy and spread the summer of love!

de portables

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