studiomuscle part IV: a new hope

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 18 Feb at 03:33 AM

Yea! We completely revamped our website. From now on you can download every little fart that has ever been produced by de portables or any related band. We believe farts should be set free and downloadable in highest quality. So enjoy our back catalogue and explore the universe of de portables en haute qualité!

PS: If you have suggestions or find little mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell us grin. Still to do: make a video section and add all compilation tracks we’ve recorded (a lot) and make a good bootleg series. 


Sing along to our new album!

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the new portables biography

Posted by by Bertrand Lafontaine on 15 Nov at 03:18 AM

bio de portables


Cork Record!

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 12 Nov at 08:36 AM


Tuesday evening de portables received their first cork record from longtime portables fan Desmund Tutu. Cork records are only given to selected artists who sell 100 copies of their CD on one single day.

de portables hereby join the hall of cork records fame, occupied by the creme of modern pop music: Sonic Youth, the Beatles and Axl Peleman.


Our new hit single ;-)

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 10 Nov at 06:23 AM

Listen, love and spread the word

  The Bay Of The White Purifying Bed  by studiomuscle