Double Treat: Tribute to Lou Barlow featuring de portables and wio!

Posted by by Ed Nolbed on 13 Mar at 01:39 AM

The wonderful paperheartmusic has assembled an equally wonderful compilation of covers and reworkings of Lou Barlow songs. You can listen to it, share it, download it over here. Enjoy!
Tribute To Lou Barlow Front


new studiomuscle record release!

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 30 Jun at 02:57 AM

Studiomuscle records is proud to release a new record! Our first vinyl release ever! It’s by a rapper Steven H from Kaster who sings in Kasters dialect, a dialect incomprehensible by anyone not living in Kaster. Fascinating!

You can order this release directly from us (or, if you are living in Ghent, you can pick it up at the Vinylla or FNAC) for 12 Euro’s. Or you can download a digital version from itunes. Enjoy wink.

This friday we celebrate this release with a super-official Steven H record release party. It’s where all the hipsters this friday will be!


Nolbeddities: songs that claim to be from the past

Posted by by Ed Nolbed on 13 Apr at 01:33 AM
Nolbeddities: songs that claim to be from the past

In the mid-nineties, when shoegaze was pretty much ridiculed, and long before GarageBand and Ableton Live, a four-track machine was the ultimate tool of the homerecording idiot. Made with a cheapo sampler, a drum machine, an analogue synth, guitars and a voice. These fossils are now presented to you.

There’s more where that came from…



Weird anonymous video message somehow related to us.

Posted by by Wio on 05 Mar at 12:15 AM

Yesterday, an anonymous package was delivered at the Gent Al Jazeera affiliate. The package contained the barely readable words “studio muzzle"and held a betamax tape with an unusual video message. Until now it is still unclear who is responsible for the weird performance on this video recording, nor what message these supposedly Afghan women want to communicate… All tips are much appreciated!


Awesome News!!!!

Posted by by hendrik dacquin on 03 Mar at 01:22 AM
Awesome News!!!!

More on facebook. And Herman also posted an official statement for his endorsement of de portables, playing at Rock Werchter