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Some reviews appeared about the split LP Harris Newman/ Mauro Antonio Pawlowski:

Great split LP of solo guitar from the Belgium-based Glasvocht label, with Harris Newman (from Montreal, Quebec) on the A side, and Mauro Antonio Pawlowski (from Belgium) on the B. This is my introduction to Newman, having missed his opening set at a Six Organs of Admittance show back in March 2005. During the Six Organs set, Chasny called him “the future of acoustic guitar,” and now over two years later I can finally see why. First track is an instant grabber, Newman laying down an unstoppable spooky bluesy theme which he proceeds to stop, restart, lead slowly into strange dead ends, stop again for uncomfortable silences in haunted echo chambers, restart again right back into the thick of it, somehow constantly developing it for over 10 minutes while still keeping it stuck in the same place. The title, “Onset of Tourette’s,” hints at what’s going on, as if the song is a close examination of how a motif can become a tic. The remaining two tracks are also excellent compositions, one short and bluesier, the other sounding like a slower, more focused, and way intense reprise of “Tourette’s.” Really, a perfect album side. The Pawlowski side makes me think of a friend of mine who was getting to know free improvisational music. He thought Derek Bailey and a few others ruled, but he could never really get deeper into the genre. “I wanna like it,” I remember him saying, “but it always ends up sounding like guys playing their instruments funny.” And he meant it like ‘funny peculiar’, I guess. I never really agreed with him, but I can’t help but think about his statement when going from the experimental but deeply idiomatic music of Harris Newman to the more quirky, atonal, and decidedly non-idiomatic music of Mauro Pawlowski on the flip. The good news is Mauro seems well aware that this music is funny peculiar, because he plays short pieces (ten in all) with titles like “The Emperor’s Shy Bladder,” “The Paranormal Olympics Cancelled,” and “The Last Living Beatle.” He has a nice humming and spooky guitar tone too, not unlike Newman’s, and the end result is a pleasantly surrealist style that he calls “ethnical Belgian improvisation music.”


Vice magazine:
Harris Newman brengt mij al enkele jaren in continentale driften, zijn fingerpicking is mijn yoga. Op deze split LP mag ik vanaf het 1e nummer 11.01 (111: the number of the God) in de lotushouding blijven steken. De andere helft levert de Koning der Belgenimpro Mauro (Antonio Pawlowski: klinkt als zou hij stiekem in de Encyclopedie der Onsterfelijke Componisten willen belanden) al en brengt je meditatief nog één stap verder. De soundtrack op yogakamp in India wanneer je wordt aangevallen door een aap omdat je een banaan eet. Vergezocht maar concreet en echt gebeurd. DEHLI DEW

In Mauro schuilt niet alleen een Prince, een Bryan Ferry en een Jimmy Page, maar ook een Derek Bailey. Deze split-lp met de uit Montreal afkomstige Harris Newman (bekend van zijn werk met Hrsta) ligt in het verlengde van Mauro’s ‘Secret Guitar’-plaat, zijn verzameling gitaarimprovisaties à la Bailey. Al dan niet gekruid met licht industriële soundscapes bieden deze grillige gitaarweefsels een interessante blik op de muzikale breinen van Mauro, voor wie the sky the limit lijkt, en van Newman, die vaak inhaakt op de blues. Bovenal is dit een knarsende rollercoaster voor geoefende oren.

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