Mauro Antonio Pawlowski / Harris Newman split LP

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It’s been a while ago since our last release on Glasvocht. But Mauro Pawlowski and the Canadian fingerpicking guitarplayer Harris Newman are working on recordings for a split LP on Glasvocht. We are expecting the release in a few months.

Harris Newman
Mauro Pawlowski

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  1. 07/03/27

    It has been a work of blood, sweat and tears, but the LP is finally ready for duplication. We are hoping for the releasedate to be before the end of may 2007. Never seen before, the Canadian guitarist and Belgiums most adventurous musician Mauro Pawlowski on one LP, an edition of 500 copies. Pure guitar raga-style, fingerpicking and improvisation.
    1. Early Onset Tourette’s
    2. Sit Down, Stay Down
    3. Son of Ichabod
    1. The Previous Step
    2. The Emperor’s Shy Bladder
    3. The Awakening Of Animals
    4. The Two Wives
    5. The Shadowgraphic Party
    6. The Old Killing Girlfriend
    7. The Stills
    8. The Firechild
    9. The Paranormal Olympics Cancelled
    10. The Last Living Beatle

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