super reverb

super reverb

a couple of beers and a bucket of weed

Michael Beckett (kptmichigan, Tuesday Weld, Beautiful New Born Children, Schneider TM) and Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn, Ed Nolbed, de portables) met for the first time on the Hausmusik-festival in Landsberg, Germany in 1999. They were brothers from another mother. They wanted to make an album together. Initially they aimed at making an electronic album, being the area they were both active in. However, they soon turned out to be making proper pop music with actual songs. In 2005 they got out their first album “Avantgarde is the French Word for Shit”, a totally ignored and underrecognized album full of making music and making fun. Currently, they are working on a new album which will be even better. Hey hey!

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