ed nolbed

ed nolbed

Ed Nolbed was Jürgen's lofi pop project. It's awesome!

Ed Nolbed is De Blonde Jürgen. Mid-nineties this was the 4-track tape recording haven of Jürgen De Blonde. Ed Nolbed released 5 full-length tapes. “Ajjenol” on Toothpick, “Nolbedlam” on Toothpick/Studiomuscle, “In & After Austria” on Bacchanalian Revel, “Ahmetwin” & “Highly Edible” on Cactus Gum.
Besides that a bunch of compilation tracks exist. Ed Nolbed was all about rockin’ out in a pop way. All in all over 60 4-track tapes are still lying around on his attic with music and experiments. Lots of misses, lots of hits.

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