s/t by wio

About the Album

Musicians often forget to focuss on direct approach to the listener. This is exactly where Wio specialises in: he’s got something to say. Each song tells another story, like a fairytale from Grimm. Sometimes lovely, sometimes threatening. Wio doesn’t waste time. His music is pretty straight, and his target is visible for everyone.
Just listen closely to his voice: whispering, and still clear for everybody. His gentle guitartouch resulting in songs so beautifull you wander why he isn’t in the same league as Nick Drake, Flying Saucer Atack, (early) Smog or Alastair Gallbraith.His second album on (K-RAA-K)3 simply proofs what everyone expected from him… Sure it isn’t all songwriting but somehow he tries, in his own way, to fill the gap between experiment, pop and pure lovesongs.His first album was a real lo-fi gem, this one is really “hifi” and his first proper album (since his previous one was a kind of collection of tapes, radiosessions etc.). Don’t even think you’re not going to like this. He’s simply topleague when it comes down to boiling emotions.

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