Köhn 2

Köhn 2 by Köhn

About the Album

Köhn is a an electronica-bedroom-project from a young guy, Jürgen De Blonde, living in the very small belgian village Knesselare. His
first music was normal guitarpop but without throwing his guitar, he discovered the possibilities of a sampler. A first CD was released on
(K-raa-k)³ filled with a lot of weird skippings and bleeps. Foreign press hyped the guy so much it resulted in a several concerts through
Europe and a ‘request’ support act for Sonic Youth in Brussels.

And indeed, Köhn is one of the few electronic acts which is really enjoyable and refreshing to see performing. Jürgen De Blonde is still involved in a dozen other projects/bands and he made some remixes but Köhn has always been his main project, so we kinda trusted it. Now the second album is finished. It took him a long time but we think
it was worth waiting.

His live-concerts annouced it already: a big step forward from his debut CD. The new album is more mature and
warm. He experiments with beats and melodies like he is born to do nothing else. Strange sonorities keeping your attention to check your
hifi-system. A couple of guitars and vocals break down the barriers between electronix and songs. Skippings and scratches result in
zigzag melodies. His soundlibrary won’t sound familiar but if you listen closely, you’ll discover real popmusic. Where electronic bands
like Oval, Noto, Farmers Manual mainly focus on pure sounds, Köhn explores that field into structured soundclashing and real songs.
So, you’ll have some kind of dancetracks, ambientsounds deconstructed by ‘musique concrete’ and Pavement. We just hope you can feel as
excited as we are

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