Girls Beware

Girls Beware by de portables

About the Album

Two years after the highly acclaimed album Rosegarden, the portables come up with their second full length. “Girls Beware!” starts where their previous album ended.

De Portables developed a cult reputation during the years, mainly because of their many intense and always different performances. Against all recent trends, standards and expectations they do their thing; they play because they like playing.

The quartet twists themselves during 11 songs a way between pop, post-rock and electronica. Soft melodies are the central theme but this a pop album in a very broad way. They worked two years on the album and you can hear this. De portables worked out their tracks very decently and reworked them again and again, with a great attention to detail. Rolling basses, playful guitars, crackling electronica, splen-did votes and their own, excellent production makes this album to one that stands on its own. One that takes you fluently to the dream world of Portable-land. You can find references as Pinback, Gastr Del Sol, Notwist and even The Beatles, but above all this is a real Portables record! A record full of simple but rich orchestrated tracks that win richness with every listen. So much beauty on one cd, people would almost forget that it is still possible.

“Did you heard already a band this century tha brought all the best of Tortoise, Pink Floyd, Can, The Notwist, Boads of Canada and Pinback together?... De Portables deserve a monument” - Willem Jongeneelen / Oor / [K039]


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